Stable release

The current Druid stable release is 0.12.3. This version is recommended for production use.

Download 0.12.3 release

There are no release candidates at this time.

Get started

To get started with Druid, visit the quickstart.

To learn more about releases, please visit the versioning page.

Optional dependencies

MySQL metadata store

Due to licensing considerations, we've separated the MySQL metadata store extension from main Druid release. If you are deploying a distributed cluster and would like to use the MySQL metadata store, please untar this tarball and follow these steps.

MySQL metadata store extension: mysql-metadata-storage-0.12.3.tar.gz

Note that other metadata store extensions, including PostgreSQL, are included in the main Druid tarball and do not require separate downloads.


Tranquility is a library to load streaming data into Druid. It is commonly deployed as the final stage in a series of jobs in a stream processor such as Apache Flink or Kafka Streams.

Tranquility: tranquility-distribution-0.8.2.tgz.

Note that Tranquility is not required in order to load streaming data: you can also use Druid's Kafka indexing service to load directly from Kafka.